360 Illustrations


Back to Neo Tiew…

To some, Neo Tiew is just an abandoned estate, to some it is FIBUA Village and regretfully for some, it is a 'haunted' place like what they did to Tekong or any remotely old looking place and building.

For me, Neo Tiew was where I spent a significant part of my childhood. My mum sells chicken rice and hor fun and my aunt sells drinks at the coffeeshop. Soldiers would drop by here for a meal and I play around this circular "pigeon hole" with my siblings when I was young. I was strange when I was back there during my NS. I wonder what if Neo Tiew was still inhabited today?


In a Leopard Tank…

I entered a Leopard Tank once during an Army Open House. Here is me imagining myself in a Leopard Tank.
(with photos, films and some guesswork)


In an Apache...


Imagining being in the cockpit of an Apache.