Hock Lam Street | 福南街

Once connects Hill Street's Central Fire Station and North Bridge Road's former Colombo Court (present-day Supreme Court by Foster & Partners).

Along with the former Chin Nam Street, Hock Lam Street was famous for its street food especially beef noodles and beef kway teow. It was here where Mr Tan Chin Sia started Hock Lam Street Beef Kway Teow in 1921.

The street's name, "Hok Lam" is a hokkien reading of "Funan" which is howFunan DigitaLife Mall's name came about. "Hok Lam" is a reference to the seal or chop of Low Kim Pong (劉金榜), an entrepreneur who owns many houses along the street hence the name. Low Kim Pong (1837 - 1909), a Fujian native was known for his contributions to the building of Siong Lim Temple (雙林寺) and Kim Pong Road in Tiong Bahru is named after him.

Hock Lam Street was expunged around the late 1970s to mid 1980 when it was replaced by Funan Centre in 1985. Funan Centre known today as Funan IT Mall and its digital and computer shops would be closed and redeveloped this year.

Hock Lam Street

Hock Lam Street